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The Automation Instinct

“I love my job, but I just wish I had more tedious, repetitive tasks to do”

Said exactly nobody, ever.

The thought of increasing those niggling little tasks which make up much-too-large a portion of our working days is enough to make most of us shudder, and bring a cold sweat to our brow.

Why? Well, it goes against everything we, as humans, strive towards.

It’s a fact that the undeniable trajectory of human development since first we learned to harvest crops and capture animals to be used as our sturdier physical surrogates, has been one of continual automation.

Of course, in more ancient times, this automation would have taken the form of, for example, an ox ploughing a crop field. This immensely physical task may have taken an individual human any number of days under his or her own toil, but with the help of oxen technology this work might last a single afternoon.

We humans are both time and energy conservative. We know that from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we have a finite amount of energy to last us until we encounter our pillow once more. The ox helps us not only to conserve our own energy (and time), but with that newly freed-up time and energy, we can take on new beneficial tasks to ensure our own survival and eventual comfort.

Now let us trip forward through the chasm of time, leaving our faithful oxen companion behind us.

In business, where the stakes are high and the rewards abundant for successfully preserving time and energy (time is money, after all), there is an evermore increasing benefit to automating tasks previously assigned to human resource. And it’s easy to see why.

Human labour is valuable and expensive - a recurring cost which must be used in the most efficient way possible. There are certain things at which a human is (as yet) unbeatable - tasks involving creative thought and strategic ideas, for example. And it makes sense that these types of tasks be the direction towards which the human element of an organisation’s workforce is channelled.

Conversely, those tasks which are repetitive, unimaginative, and prone to human error, are those which businesses around the globe are racing to automate with the help of modern technologies.

After all, when you can pay either a one-off cost or a comparatively minute recurring fee for the speed and accuracy that only technology can offer, why would you ever waste your precious human resource trying to do the same tasks? It would simply be inefficient.

A particularly potent example of this is the field of Process Automation, also known as Business Process Automation (BPA). This is the arena in which an organisation is able to leverage computing power and cutting-edge technological innovation to automate complex business processes based on specific triggers and criteria.

The huge advantage to an organisation of adopting this type of technology is that efficiency can be improved by several orders of magnitude when implemented effectively. The VerseOne Business Process Automation (BPA), for example, allows users to stack any number of trigger steps together to allow for a completely automated workflow.

This key idea that a user can build a tree of triggers and resulting automated actions, allows for a hugely expansive number of efficiency savings as well as improved speed and accuracy of service.

The organisation saves a vast amount of money in the long run, the human workforce is able to spend its time dedicated to much more fulfilling and creative work, and the customer is given a much greater level of service. A win-win-win, if you like.

Whether it’s a customer submitting a tenancy registration form, a user granting a holiday or expenses request, or any number of digital journeys - the undeniable advantages offered by Business Process Automation are as numerous as they are invaluable.

So, if your organisation is still doing the modern-day equivalent of ploughing its own fields, now’s the time to grab the reins and exploit the almost limitless power of automation.

To find out how VerseOne BPA can help to revolutionise your business processes, get in touch with us today on 01483 751 827, or by emailing us at info@verseone.com