Information Architecture and Content Discovery workshop

This workshop is designed to help you build a better picture of your content needs and how content addresses your audience needs. The sessions are typically carried out to directly engage with the people that matter, from organisational stakeholders through to service users, customers, and tenants. Only by interacting with key people, invested in the solution that is being delivered can we truly understand and help deliver the solution we all know works and delivers results.

Within these sessions we aim to clarify your business requirements, who your audience types are, what their needs are in terms of accessing information, and what types of tasks they will be performing within your experience. Based on this information content mapping and grouping can take place to ensure relevant content is surfaced for these different personas at the right time and in the right place. We incorporate techniques such as card sorting, brainstorming, wireframing and in-depth customer and organisational analysis to help craft the optimum solution for your needs.

The objective is to identify and prioritise key users and content so that the experience becomes as useful and relevant as possible.

The results of these sessions are written up into a report and supplied back to you for approval and any amends. This report is then used by us and yourselves throughout the design and development of your solution as a reference and guide.

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