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VerseOne: Providing the digital glue for integrated care

VerseOne’s expertise in the healthcare sector, combined with its deep dedication to and experience with systems integration, has enabled the business to create truly personalised solutions from both the staff and citizen perspective.

VerseOne solutions not only build staff communities and boost pride, but also serve as intelligent personalised work hubs delivering productivity and support portals — utilising universal logins to deliver user-specific information such as rotas, Office 365 documents, individual calendars, role-based events and information, Health and Wellbeing resources, online therapy tools, fast-track Get Things Done processes and Right First Time request routing and fulfilment.

Underpinned by the powerful, flexible Intelligent Integration Engine, VerseOne’s platforms provide the digital glue that unlocks data silos, unifies application data, and delivers real-time information to departments, up to Trusts, and further up into Integrated Care Systems.

VerseOne: powering our integrated healthcare system.

Empower staff through integrated technology

Successful digital transformation requires the perfect alignment of platforms, processes and people — providing frictionless experiences for staff, freedom of choice in applications, and future-proofed solutions for providers and ICS

Enable people

Enable people

Enable staff and service users to securely access their own medical records and a range of healthcare services anytime and anywhere through tailored, personalised, and intuitive user interfaces.

Empower partnership

Empower partnership

Empower staff and service users with intuitive tools which they need to become active partners in their own health and care — effectively and safely managing long-term issues and short-term experiences.

Improve quality

Improve quality

Use data to re-shape and improve the ways in which people and professionals communicate — both within organisations, and when engaging with patients and service users.

Reduce waste

Reduce waste

Allow staff to be more productive by reducing avoidable admin, unnecessary delays and other time-wastes, and reduce environmental waste through digitalisation of routing, data delivery, and processes.

ICS Integration Benefits

VerseOne's solutions are the digital glue that transforms disparate data into focused, personalised information that supports positive action.

Integrate, personalise, do

VerseOne’s products are built on Open Standards to enable the effective and seamless communication between applications, and crafted by our UX/UI teams to convert data into intelligible information and to provide clear calls-to-action.

VerseOne’s core proposition is built around:

  • gathering and transforming data through real-time integration with enterprise systems
  • to automate the delivery of personalised information to users on-demand
  • through intuitive user interfaces that empower people to act on that information.

Augmenting collective intelligence

VerseOne uses integration, personalisation and intuitive user interfaces in order to create value-for-money solutions that augment existing intelligence, provide clear insights, and support decision-making to empower positive actions.

VerseOne's modular but integrated software platforms provides our customers with powerful solutions for personalised decision-support, smoother processes, synchronised data exchange, and total technology alignment. 

Solutions for staff

The need to provide seamless data integration between Services, Trusts, and the wider citizen is paramount. There are many organisations that are focused on system-to-systyem integration technologies but, informed by its pedigree in web design, VerseOne leverages integration to create solutions for humans.

VerseOne's solutions enhance staff investment by providing 360º informational views, abstracting tedious processes, relieving stress, and providing auditable pathways — supporting staff to focus on caring.

Who We Work With

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The right partner | VerseOne delivers success

The right partner | VerseOne delivers success

VerseOne provides more than 250+ successful, innovative and market-leading digital transformation solutions across the UK public sector.

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