How BPA can streamline your processes and increase customer engagement

How BPA can streamline your processes and increase customer engagement

Business Process Automation (BPA) is a fantastic way to drive efficiencies, remove the tedium and inaccuracies inherent in paper processes, and effortlessly to provide visibility of progress to customers and stakeholders.

Processes are built up in a variety of Steps—driven through automated Tasks and Triggers. You can stack as many of the Steps together as you require to build your process.

Importantly for transparency and engagement, with VerseOne BPA your customers can see where they are in the process and what steps come next—receiving automated notifications when they need to engage again.

And the secure upload feature enables both customers and administrators to securely upload, and exchange, documents—confident that the data is safe and GDPR compliant.

Join our short webinar at 10:00 on Friday 10th May 2019, from the comfort of your own desk, when we will show you how VerseOne's BPA can automate your processes and provide clarity to your customers.

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