VerseOne in Housing

VerseOne in Housing

The Housing sector is always changing, with new demands on resources, legislation changes and more scrutiny than ever on Value for Money, ESG, and return on investment (RoI).

With a deep understanding of the Housing sector, including technical and design implementation, we work with over 80 Housing Associations, providing them with personalised digital experiences—beautiful and functionally rich websites, fully integrated self-service portals, live chat and collaboration—and intelligent process automation, which delivers improved customer satisfaction and real RoI.

  • 200+ social housing solutions
  • £28m+ calculated annual savings
  • 1.3m+ residents served

Who We Work With

Cross Keys Homes Blackwood Homes The Regenda Group Peabody Aspire Housing Westward

Solutions we provided


Social housing comms What is your need?

  • External communications channels (web, email, push messaging)

  • Internal communications channels (intranet, email, push messaging)
  • Fast content publishing and editing

  • Employee engagement and wellness

Solutions we can help with

For external communicators we provide websites and microsites, and a range of creative services (e.g. UI/UX design workshops). For internal communicators we provide intelligent work hub solutions, productivity tools, and a range of digital services to help the Comms Team.




Social housing services What is your need?

  • Faster customer response times and higher satisfaction ratings

  • Digital tenant engagement through self-service portals
  • Streamlined tenant processes (e.g. complaints escalation, repairs bookings)

  • Efficiency gains and operational cost savings

Solutions we can help with

For customer services and organisation-wide operations we provide websites and fully integrated self-service portals, multi-channel communication via live chat and collaboration tools, and a range process automation that drives cost-savings, efficiency gains and faster tenant response times. 


Digital tech What is your need?

  • Digital experience, transformation and operational efficiency

  • Integrated technologies and productivity tools (e.g. Office 365, Housing systems integration) 
  • Security and data compliance

  • Managed cloud services (Microsoft Azure)

Solutions we can help with

For Digital Teams we provide a digital experience platform which powers fully integrated resident self-service portals, and a range of digital services and user-centered design services (e.g. UX design and persona development workshops). For Tech we provide an intelligent integration engine to connect Housing Systems and internal productivity tools, plus a range of managed cloud services, securely hosted in MS Azure to help the IT Team.


Social Housing What is your need?

  • External and investor communications channels (web, email, push messaging)

  • Digital tenancy solutions, cost savings and operational efficiency 

  • Remote working for your staff (seamless access to perform daily tasks)
  • Data security, compliance and auditing capability 

Solutions we can help with

For the Exec Team we provide corporate websites and fully integrated resident self-service portals, plus a range of strategic services to help you implement your digital and information governance strategy. We also co-invest in digtial innovation projects through our Innovation Fund and would be delighted to talk to you about new initiatives.


Social Housing What is your need?

  • Internal communication, employee engagement and wellbeing
  • Remote working for your staff (seamless access to perform daily tasks)
  • Staff services (expenses management, rostering, recruitment management), and Continuous Personal Development (CPD)
  • Data security, compliance and auditing capability 

Solutions we can help with

For the HR Team we provide intelligent work hub solutions, productivity tools, paperless process automation and a range of strategic services to help you improve staff communication and productivity.

The launch of the website and portal is the culmination of an incredible amount of hard work by our internal teams, and our delivery partners.

But it is just one part of a larger digital transformation and renewal journey at Aspire Housing.

With this in mind, we will be working with VerseOne to help define the next steps on our digital journey.

— Customer Excellence Manager, Aspire Housing

  • Aspire Housing website in a tablet

    Aspire Housing opens the door to tenant self-appointed repairs

    Aspire Housing started the new year with the launch of their brand new website and tenant self-service portal an exciting collaboration between the housing association and VerseOne Group.

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  • Peabody Portal shown on a mobile phone

    Peabody's tenant portal

    In late 2016, Family Mosaic partnered with VerseOne to deliver its new online customer portal.

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The right partner for success

The right partner for success

VerseOne provides more than 250+ successful, innovative and market-leading digital transformation solutions across the UK public sector.

Let us know what you need, and our exert consultants will be able to discuss further case studies, help with business plans and tender requirements, and more…

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Social Housing Features

Social Housing Features

Why choose us?

  • Designed for purpose solutions

  • 16 years Social Hosuing experience

  • Preferred RSL supplier

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

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