Dramatic efficiencies are made when web services are intuitive and satisfying to use. The more customer volume diverted from traditional communication methods such as telephone into online services, the greater the business value created.

Thanks to unrivalled Housing sector knowledge, best-in-class software and several decades’ cumulative experience in design and implementation, VerseOne works with over 80 Housing associations to provide them with beautiful, powerful website solutions that deliver real and measurable RoI.

VerseOne builds its web services on its award-winning, unified technology platform that minimises deployment time and maintenance costs, enabling you to deliver visually-engaging content rich with interactive media and easy for all web users to navigate.

VerseOne’s tailor-made, future-proofed digital solutions bring the following key benefits:

  1. Fast, intuitive editing - Win hearts and minds and respond swiftly to inbound queries, through fast intuitive content editing for news stories, jobs descriptions, notifications and more.
  2. Engage with rich media - Engage your audience and enhance Web Accessibility through images, illustrations, videos, icons, and social media posts—added to your content with a single click.
  3. Secure by design - Devolve content editing responsibility whilst retaining control, through role-based permissions, publishing workflow processes—all on a platform where security is a first class citizen.

Managed on and optimised for Microsoft’s Cloud computing platform Azure, all of VerseOne’s solutions be it websites, intranets, patient portals or messaging platforms are secure and fully ‘integration ready’ and optimised for multichannel smart device delivery.

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