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Platform Housing Group unifies all their websites cost effectively and in rapid time

The team at Platform Housing Group have been busy rationalising systems and services for their 46,000 residents across the Midlands and Lincolnshire. As an existing supplier to the Group, VerseOne was delighted to be given the opportunity to extend the great partnership in place and build the Platform Housing Group website.

The project was to create a transactional website with a fresh design and a clear and easy to follow user journey, removing the need for multiple fragmented sites on different content management systems. The project also needed to be delivered within a tight deadline.   VerseOne brought its award-winning and proven Total Customer Engagement (TPE) approach to bear on the project, convening a tight-knit team that was able to complete the project on time and within budget.


Thanks to the VerseOne project team’s hard work and valuable engagement we’re incredibly pleased with the results, especially considering the timescales involved.  Everyone is happy with the simplicity of the design and layout of the new site, and we feel it’s a big improvement over a myriad of fragmented sites. This new site is just what we were looking for, much appreciated

Saul Gouder – Digital Communications Advisor, Platform Housing Group


The flexibility of VerseOne solution stack means that the team at Platform Housing Group have all the tools, techniques and training to be able to update and extend the solution as the merged organisation grows and develops over time. For more information on how you can benefit from a “designed for purpose” solution that has a predictable cost of ownership, accelerated implementation approach that enables you to achieve a rapid Return on Investment

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