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Habinteg Housing reaches for exemplar standards in Web Accessibility with a new website and intranet design

Founded in 1970 through a desire to create integrated communities where disabled and able-bodied residents could live together as neighbours, Habinteg Housing Association’s history of championing inclusion makes it an ideal partner for VerseOne as both organisations continue to seek a level playing field online. As such VerseOne Group has worked closely with longstanding customer Habinteg to achieve a new benchmark in Accessible digital services for their fiftieth-anniversary website and intranet redesign.

Chief among the strategic benefits Habinteg intended for its new website was to create a positive user experience through efficient, attractive design, so that tenants would be encouraged into the greater uptake of Habinteg’s digital services. The lynchpin of their strategy was to provide an integrated platform with Web Accessibility at its core since Habinteg’s founding mission is to house tenants with disabilities who would need the equal opportunity of access to key services.

VerseOne Group’s Digital Experience team began the redevelopment journey with a series of discovery workshops with Habinteg’s internal and external stakeholders. Investing this time in scoping the project’s unique requirements created a solid foundation for building a functionally rich, aesthetically-pleasing, fully Accessible design which would meet its end-users’ needs and extol the Habinteg values. By developing its digital services - website, intranet and self-service portal - on the integrated VerseOne platform, Habinteg has ensured residents are empowered to manage their housing needs such as reporting of repairs, while staff can be sure their mission-critical information is consistent and up to date.

The end result has delighted the teams at all levels of Habinteg Housing. According to Communications and Marketing Manager Jade Bradford:

It’s been easy to work with everyone at VerseOne on this meaty but enjoyable project, and we’re very pleased with the final result!

VerseOne Group is justifiably proud of its work with a Social Housing provider whose objectives are so closely matched to its own, and of a partnership that has yielded a true exemplar of Accessibility in digital design.

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