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CHP commission new Customer Portal from VerseOne

Based in Essex, Chelmer Housing Partnership (CHP) has ambitions to use the best of technology to provide a first-class service to its customers and staff.

So, when CHP wanted to create a new Customer Portal, they went to the market to find a supplier and after a highly competitive tendering process, appointed their existing online partner of more than a decade, VerseOne Group.

VerseOne has long been the market-leading customer portal provider in the RSL sector, creating and expanding similar value-add real-time portal solutions based on its highly-configurable enterprise VerseOne CMS and VerseOne Autevoplatforms. VerseOne provides these critical solutions for tens of housing associations, such as Regenda Group and Westward Housing Group.

The first stage of the portal project will see real-time, API-driven integrations with a number of back-office systems, including Capita OPENHousing, Sharepoint (for surfacing documents), Keystone Asset Management, and the RSL’s PowerBI reporting warehouse.

CHP are making full use of VerseOne’s Customer Portal Management ToolKit which enables staff to perform actions on behalf of a resident, as well as the company’s Business Process Automator, a piece of software that will empower users through interaction with over thirty transparent, auditable workflows.

Alan Neilson, VerseOne Executive Chairman, is particularly excited about the project.

VerseOne has created the most powerful customer portals in the housing association world, and we are delighted that CHP has recognised this by extending our decade-long partnership in order to build an exemplar customer portal.

Our team is committed to bringing all of our experience to create a staff and customer portal that will not only provide real value in the short-term, but support CHP’s long-term ambitions.

The project has already begun, with workshops and mind-share with CHP residents yielding innovative insights. The teams at VerseOne and CHP have started working closely together, sharing expertise and experience, in order to ensure that CHP’s customer portal will provide excellence in customer service and process efficiency when it launches next year.


Watch this space… 

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