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Webinar: "be in when you're out"—using Vocoll Chatbot to streamline support

  • Type Social Housing Webinar
  • Venue Your Desk
  • Start 13 Aug 2019 10:30
  • End 13 Aug 2019 11:00
  • Places 20


Join us at 10:30 on Tuesday 13th August on a free 30m webinar, as we demonstrate how Vocoll Live Support, Team Fusion, Knowledge Base and ChatBot can help you to provide information services to staff, stakeholders and residents.

Live chat and messaging create a personal connection with people looking for support and information. It’s a fast and effective way to offer help—without interrupting their experience or forcing them to listen to muzak. Chat and messaging let agents help more customers in less time, which means happier people more of the time.

Today’s digitally-connected, always-on consumers demand unprecedented levels of 24x7x365 service. With the Knowledge Base-supported Vocoll Chatbot providing intelligent support, you can truly "be in when you're out"!

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