Croydon NHS significantly improve sexual health awareness by going live with a best in class and designed for purpose website. | Healthcare News

Croydon NHS significantly improve sexual health awareness by going live with a best in class and designed for purpose website.

Croydon NHS set out to provide an inviting, engaging and modern experience appealing to both young and older generations which they successfully achieved by selecting a partner with not only superior standards in design but backed by a best-in-breed, designed for purpose, fully functional, and intuitive CMS solution.  

To maximise their investment in the unified CMS platform from VerseOne, their existing and dedicated to the NHS digital solutions provider, they utilised the integrated Microsite capability designed with specific functionality for the NHS. Whilst delivering a first-class user experience and design the microsite utilises VerseOne CMS’ capabilities, functionalities and tools to deal with the large amounts of content and staff administrators over different departments. This enables staff to quickly and easily to administer and assign - with appropriate permissions -their content across the site. In line with Croydon NHS’s goals the microsite is future-proofed for adding new content and functionality as awareness increases and the site is used more frequently making the team at Croydon very pleased with the end result.

The microsite is fantastic, it’s just what we were looking for…it’s really good to have a modern site that’s in a different vein to our main website and exactly what we set out to achieve.

This was a complex project with multiple stakeholders and teams all with their own requirements, specifically around content. This called for VerseOne’s proven yet agile project delivery methodology, to ensure for an extremely collaborative approach to the project through workshops and communication. The end result is a highly engaging, flexible, future-proofed and best of breed solution which has made this project a great success. Croydon NHS continues to work with VerseOne on the next stages of their digital transformation journey.

Croydon Health Services provides integrated NHS services to care for people at home, in schools, and health clinics across the borough as well as at Croydon University Hospital and Purley War Memorial Hospital. CUH provides more than 100 specialist services and is home to the borough’s only Emergency Department and 24/7 maternity services, including a labour ward, midwifery-led birth centre and the Crocus home birthing team.

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