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VerseOne in Healthcare

VerseOne powers 150+ solutions in healthcare organisations, delivering stunning websites, intranets that function as intelligent work hubs, and online solutions for supporting staff and patients every day.

Built on Open Standards and APIs and incorporating the powerful VerseOne Autevo Intelligent Integration Platform, VerseOne solutions are ready to provide secure, personalised and free-flowing data transfer to drive the development of current and future Integrated Care Systems.

We have supported NHS organisations and private practices to embrace the rapid changes in the online world. Technology has changed a great deal over the years, but our commitment to creating the best tech solutions possible for the sector is unwavering. 

  • 150+ healthcare solutions
  • 320,000 NHS staff supported
  • 18m+ service users served

Who We Work With

 Cornwall APrtnership  BHRU  Barts Heath Epsom St Helier Nottingham

Solutions we provide



What is your need?

  • External communications channels (web, email, push messaging)
  • Internal communications channels (intranet, email, push messaging)
  • Fast content publishing and editing
  • Employee engagement and wellness

Solutions we can help with

For external communicators we provide websites and microsites, and a range of creative services (e.g. UI/UX design workshops). For internal communicators we provide intelligent work hub solutions, productivity tools, and a range of digital services to help the Comms Team.



What is your need?

  • Improving patient outcomes through digital innovation
  • More time to care through digitising and automating processes
  • Reducing human error and increasing accuracy of clinical standards
  • Efficiency gains, operational and departmental cost savings

Solutions we can help with

For clinicians and departmental heads of service we provide fully integrated patient portals, digital patient communication and collaboration tools, and a range process automation that powers online learning solutions, and drives cost-savings, efficiency gains and improved patient outcomes. 



What is your need?

  • Digital experience, transformation and operational efficiency
  • Integrated technologies and productivity tools (e.g. EPR systems integration, Office 365) 
  • Security and data compliance
  • Managed cloud services (Microsoft Azure)

Solutions we can help with

For Digital Teams we provide a digital experience platform which powers fully integrated patient portals, process automation tools, and a range of digital services and user-centred design services (e.g. UX design and persona development workshops). For Tech we provide an intelligent integration engine to connect Microsoft applications and clinical data systems, plus a range of managed cloud services, securely hosted in MS Azure to help the IT Team.



What is your need?

  • Digital transformation solutions to deliver integrated care, cost savings and operational efficiency 
  • External communications channels
  • Remote working for your staff (seamless access to perform daily tasks)
  • Data security, compliance and auditing capability 

Solutions we can help with

For the Exec Team we provide corporate websites to improve the patient experience and raise the Trusts' profile, plus fully integrated patient portals to help deliver the UK Government's ICS vision, and intelligent work hub intranets to increase satff productivity. We also co-invest in digtial innovation projects through our Innovation Fund and would be delighted to talk to you about new initiatives.




What is your need?

  • Internal communication, employee engagement and wellbeing
  • Remote working for your staff (seamless access to perform daily tasks)
  • Staff services (expenses management, rostering/capacity management, recruitment management), and Continuous Personal Development (CPD)
  • Data security, compliance and auditing capability 

Solutions we can help with

For the HR Team we provide intelligent work hub solutions, productivity tools, paperless process automation and a range of strategic services to help you improve staff communication and productivity.

Working with VerseOne has exceeded expectations. They have been responsive, reliable and upbeat throughout the journey. Their knowledge of, and experience with, digital solutions is second to none and their systems are intuitive. VerseOne are also great communicators; we know what stage projects are at and we know we will get a response if we have a query. Knowing we have their full support eases the workload of an already busy day.

Imogen Crouch-Hyde, Communications and Marketing Officer, CPHT

  • Cornwall Website in a mobile phone

    Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

    Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CFT) provides a range of mental health and physical health services to children and adults across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

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The right partner for success

The right partner for success

VerseOne provides more than 250+ successful, innovative and market-leading digital transformation solutions across the UK public sector.

Let us know what you need, and our exert consultants will be able to discuss further case studies, help with business plans and tender requirements, and more…

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Healthcare Features

Healthcare Features

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  1. Designed for purpose solutions

  2. 16 years NHS experience

  3. Preferred NHS supplier

  4. Microsoft Gold Partner