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Unpacking UI & UX design for your Website

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  • Social Housing


Having an engaging digital platform can help you build trust with your users, creating a good user experience and promoting positive interactions with your website.

The Creative and User Experience team at VerseOne have created an interactive event to showcase some design ideas that refresh and rejuvenate your digital platform.

The team will share ideas to get your creative juices flowing and insights into best practices in these areas.

Unpacking UI & UX design for your website 

In this webinar, we look at some best practices for web design. On the UX side, the event will cover the role of persona objectives in influencing user journeys. How to make menu structures and page layouts easy to navigate. When focusing on UI, the team will examine content component design, placement styles to break up walls of text and page style to re-skin content. How can your content better meet the expectations of your visitors?

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