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How to Clean Your Dirty Data

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The storage and use of poor data can be detrimental to your residents

Insights drawn from accurate customer and asset data is critical for all Housing providers. After a recent spotlight report by the Housing Ombudsman flagging failings within the sector regarding reconciling data, the importance of keeping accurate data from a regulatory and decision support perspective has never been more important. 

Housing providers work with vast amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, which includes tenant and property management data. This data is collected through various channels, including online forms, surveys, and automated systems and emails. However due to the use of multiple systems, the data is often not aligned, which can lead to inaccurate analysis, unreliable insights, and poor decision-making which can put tenants at risk. With many mergers is the sector recently, this multiplies the data issues with multiple systems and data silos.

This is a hot topic within the sector and VerseOne is delighted to be sponsoring a free to attend webinar on 28th August and 26th September at 11am and  to discuss all aspects of data. The event includes insights from Mick Capern, Assistant Director of Transformation at Westward Housing Group and Colin Sales CEO of 3C consultants.

The Spotlight on: Knowledge and Information Management revealed that only 93% of respondents to the watchdog’s call for evidence has issues accessing and using data, meaning only 7% reported having no issues with request. The report highlighted significant issues particularly with residents that have vulnerabilities that have not been recorded within the data, or Landlords are not accurately using the data stored.

It is alarming that it is only when the watchdog intervenes that failings with the data are acknowledged and addressed. The Ombudsman taking a strong stance through uncapped fines, holding Social Landlords to account for issues affecting the health and wellbeing of residents, it is vital all data is accurate and useable.

This webinar will cover why having accurate data is not only important from a regulatory standpoint but making assumptions about your data can cause costly errors, unnecessary expenses, and wasted time.


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