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Continuous resident engagement and compliance with the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures

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VerseOne can help you establish continuous engagement with your residents through the TSM via a variety of outreach methods, delivering the insight you need while meeting the requirements of the Regulator of Social Housing.

Many HAs are planning to actively respond to their results to improve their essential data set to hand over to the regulator come Autumn 2024. To improve the ease of this active response, VerseOne will also provide a full written report which gives your organisation a deeper insight into your results.


  • Understand your residents’ needs and proactively action improvement
  • Multiple methods to distribute and collect data from you tenants
  • Trigger continuous feedback through events, e.g. repair feedback.Multiple stream of collection and distribution of survey
  • Address issue fast, through personalised TSM surveys results at strategically useful stages
  • Personalise your surveys with quantitive and qualative questions
  • Swiftly email feedback links to representative sample residents

Are you prepared for TSM?

With VerseOne’s TSM solution, you won’t need to wait for a market research report to understand how residents are feeling —you’ll be able to view your data in real-time, triggered via scheduled survey increments, or through continuous feedback on events.

The live results dashboard coupled with CVS export function gives your HA access to both raw and analysed data. This not only gives you the ability to respond to overall trends, but allows you delve deeper into individual responses to correct your residents issues.


  • Deploy quickly with “out of the box” TSM questionnaires and reporting
  • Gain customer insights in real time
  • Comply with TSM requirements, and add your own organisation’s priorities
  • Unite data from disparate sources to gain real-time satisfaction reports
  • View compliant TSM graphs to discover trends and action points

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