A great place to work | Equality & Diversity Policy

VerseOne has a total commitment to tackling discrimination, promoting human rights, equality and diversity for staff, customers and the broader society at large.

This policy document outlines responsibilities of VerseOne and its employees to ensure that there is a culture of inclusion in the organisation where dignity, respect, fairness and equality for all, based upon the protected characteristics defined by the Equality Act 2010 are promoted and respected. These amongst others include: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, and other statuses as covered by the Human Rights Act 1998.

It is the resolute aim of the company to ensure that there is no unlawful or undesirable discrimination, whether direct, indirect or by way of victimisation, against its customers, visitors, existing employees, or those wishing to seek employment with the company. This policy seeks to ensure that all decisions are fair and equitable and based on valid and relevant criteria and not based on prejudice or bias.

The rights and obligations set out in this policy apply equally to all employees, whether part time or full time, permanent or contract. Compliance with and promotion of equal opportunities, together with a clear understanding of what this means, is of particular relevance to directors, line manages and other employees concerned with the recruitment, training and promotion procedures and employment decisions which affect others. Ultimate responsibility lies with the company’s Board.

VerseOne’s commitment

Every employee is entitled to a working environment that promotes dignity, equality, equity, fairness and respect for all. VerseOne does not tolerable any acts of unlawful or unfair discrimination (including harassment) committed against an employee, contractor, job applicant or visitor because of a protected characteristic.

No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated. If an individual believes that they have suffered discrimination they have the right in the first instance to consider the appropriateness and feasibility of an informal resolution by discussion with their line manager and/or the HR function.

An individual may also decide to raise the matter through VerseOne’s Grievance Policy. All allegations regarding potential breaches of this policy will be investigated thoroughly and treated with strictest confidence. Any employee who is found to have breached this policy may be subject to disciplinary action under VerseOne's Discipline Policy.

Specifically the company is committed to ensuring that:

  1. all employees are responsible for not victimising or attempting to victimise individuals on the grounds that they have made complaints or provided information on discriminatory practice;
  2. the managers are properly and regularly trained to keep in mind their own and their teams’ responsibilities specifically;
  3. all employees are aware of this policy and their responsibilities within it including ensuring there is clear and easy to follow processes as to how to report and deal wit incidents as the case may be;
  4. this policy is implemented in all areas of employment, including recruiting and selecting staff as outlined by the Equality Act 2010;
  5. making transparent, fair and equitable decisions on promotion, pay rise or incremental pay increases and staff development;
  6. applying company policies and procedures with an understanding of the application of human rights, equality and diversity in this context;
  7. dealing fairly and transparently with requests for flexible working;
  8. dealing assertively with harassment, bullying and victimisation – ensuring appropriate responses to the types of harassment and bullying behaviour which occurs in reference to each respective protected characteristic e.g. an appropriate response to homophobic bullying or harassment may differ from the response required for sexist bullying or harassment;
  9. dealing assertively with reported incidents of harassment, bullying or discrimination by customers or visitors towards a member of staff — ensuring that staff are supported and the matter is dealt with fairly and transparently;
  10. complaints made under this policy are dealt with in a fair and consistent manner.

Positive Action

As of publication of this policy, the diversity of VerseOne’s workforce broadly reflects the population as a whole and exceeds the average diversity of the wider technology sector in which the business operates — especially in the areas of gender and ethnicity, and especially within senior roles.

VerseOne is dedicated to taking all reasonable steps to ensure that the company’s employee diversity reflects the wider society and environments in which the business operates, in order to be better able to connect and fulfil the needs of its customers, and its customers’ customers.

VerseOne monitors the diversity of its workforce (as far as allowed for an SME within the scope of the Data Protection Act 2018) and reserves the right to assert and undertake Positive Action programmes and measures (as defined and outlined within the Equality Act 2010) should such undertakings be warranted or deemed appropriate within the scope of the company’s dedication to diversity.

Scope of this policy

This policy applies to all conduct in the workplace and conduct outside the workplace that is related to work (e.g meetings, social events and interactions with colleagues) or which may impact or reflect on VerseOne’s reputation. This includes but is not limited to expressions of views on social media and in written communication.

Measurement and management of this policy

In addition to fostering a culture of openness and transparency where employees feel empowered to report any incidents of discrimination, VerseOne also:

  1. notes and discusses any reported incidents at its monthly board meetings;
  2. conducts fair and transparent appraisals;
  3. ensures each employee has a regular one-to-one confidential conversation with HR, on a monthly basis, giving them the opportunity to raise any concerns or issues.

Review of this policy

In line with the company’s ISO9001 Quality Standards we commit to undertaking a formal review of this policy annually or more frequently as legislative or other relevant considerations dictate.

[Ref: VO-ISO-ED-POL-1.3 (2022-02-09)]