What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of your organisation through different digital channels from content on your website or secure portal through to utilising the right social media platforms.

After understanding your objectives we will work with you to ensure every channel is working in an integrated fashion towards the same goals so that you are reaching your target audience and maximising the return on investment.

So why is digital marketing important for your business?

In recent years the importance of digital marketing has increased and become an essential part of any marketing strategy.

Key reasons for this is the rapid uptake of digital as more and more people are going online. Digital Marketing enables you rapidly and cost effectively to reach target audiences where they are spending their time in a more targeted and precise way by intelligently segmenting your intended audiences by using demographics, age, gender, behaviours and more. 

Once your audience has been defined, through digital marketing you can also create a more personalised experience to individuals needs, desires and behaviours and perform tasks as simple as ensuring their name is incorporated into your marketing material which in turn sees a better response to your messaging. 

With digital marketing it is also easy to recognise frequently occurring tasks and look at automating these processes to save time and money by removing the need for manual tasks. Better analytics tools and visibility of what your audience is doing, how they are behaving and where they spend their time will enable you to utilise and build a strong digital marketing strategy that most importantly can scale as your business requirements evolve and moves you into the future. In short a well planned and executed digital marketing strategy will enable you to get to know your existing and intended customers and allow them to know your organisation more closely which will ultimately lead to great experiences and brand loyalty.

Our digital marketing services include:

Digital Strategy

The most effective Digital Strategies are those that are devised and implemented in support of the whole organisation’s goals and objectives. We will closely work with your marketing team and other stakeholders within your organisation in order to understand fully the precise goals and objectives and together we will formulate a tailored digital marketing strategy and approach that exactly suits your needs.

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Content Marketing

The core value proposition to all our solutions is that 'business content' is a valuable asset which, managed and shared effectively, delivers differentiation and a competitive advantage As such an important part of forming any good and effective digital marketing strategy is the creation of relevant content for use across all your marketing channels. Our specialist in-house capabilities not only help you plan what to create and when to send it but we will often help our customers with the crafting and creation of the actual assets themselves.

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Pay Per Click Management

If you are looking to generate high interest in a short period of time we can work with you on a pay per click strategy across multiple channels to drive relevant messaging to your target audience. With marketing and business objectives changing so frequently sometimes adopting a paid strategy is a necessity over waiting for results to happen organically.

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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising creates powerful opportunities to tell your brand story at scale and in context. Through ads on various devices and channels, you can reach larger audiences in a real-time and increasingly personal way. Whether as part of your digital strategy it is the actual assets you need creating, or the best means by which to promote them, then we can assist in maximising return on advertising investment for creating and delivering those assets to your target audience with the right message across all digital platforms.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most cost effective and therefore profitable digital marketing platforms that can be used to increase your organisation’s visibility to your targeted audiences. Adopting the most appropriate social media strategy will create the right voice for your organisation, which will in turn help you significantly increase your brand recognition and heightened customer experience.

So do you have an audience that spends a lot of their time on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms? Then we need to ensure your messages and material are tailored for and easily accessible through those platforms where people are spending their time. We offer a comprehensive range of services from consultancy for formulation of the right strategies, to creation, monitoring and management to generation of the right messages to ensure they appear in the right place at the right time to deliver maximum impact.

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Email Marketing

Often the first and most successful route to market to your existing or potential customers is by email as it gives you a chance to speak directly with them, in their inbox at a time that is convenient for them. We will strategise, craft, deploy and analyse your email marketing activity to ensure you hit your desired goals. It is important to optimise and iterate on those broadcasts over time to ensure these resonate with your target audience in a timely manner. This we will do either as a standalone exercise or as part of a larger digital content strategy which we will work with you on.

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Influencer Marketing

Are there people in the industry that could broadcast your messages and brand values in a more effective manner to a larger audience? We will work with you to understand who those people are and then work with them to best broadcast or promote your offering and positively position your brand on your behalf.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to your website, and maximising engagement, so that these convert into customers, or take a desired action on a particular webpage. Based on our extensive experience and proven methodologies we will develop the most suitable approach with you using behavioural data and user insight to deliver the best results that meet your goals.

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