Why do I need consultancy?

Having an external person or a team, who are experienced experts to work with you and your organisation to assess your business needs and issues to help devise and execute the best strategy and plan of action you face can add great value.

In partnership with you and your organisation we think of different more innovative and efficient ways to tackle the issues you are facing. We can advise you on a programme of change, reviewing organisational culture, processes and technology. Whatever the issue, our team of experienced consultants will work with you and figure out what’s right for you.

What we aim to deliver

Today there are so many tools and resources available that solve the same issues and problems people face in terms of managing, monitoring and delivering content in order to maximise impact, deliver great experiences and value. 

Our consulting services are aimed at really getting to the core of the issues you face and then surfacing the best strategies, products and services for you to tackle these most effectively and ideally turning these into opportunities.

Our consultancy services cover the following:


Analytics are key for monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ensuring the right outcomes are being achieved for your business through a number of channels, including your website, portal, intranet or other customer engagement and marketing activities. We will work with you to put the correct plan, metrics and tools in place to monitor and measure this activity and then suggest strategies in order to optimise and improve the results.

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We can justifiably say that Accessibility is in our DNA as making a difference to the lives of the people our solutions touch is one of our founding principles. We have proactively championed Accessibility since the inception of our business, as we believe technology should be a force for good and a leveller providing equal access to all online capabilities and services, irrespective of any impairments. 
Our knowledge and expertise in this field are second to none and by closely working with you we ensure that your services are accessible to everyone that needs these. Additionally our products have inbuilt 'accessibility checkers' to ensure ongoing compliance at the grassroots level. We follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 and provide testing for compliance to ensure individual, organisational and legislative needs are fully met. This important issue is dealt with by our accessibility consultants who will work with you to ensure it is understood, how users might access and use your service with WCAG 2 guidelines in mind, before you design and build anything.

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New System Implementation

Implementing new systems, processes and functionality into any business can be a daunting task. Bringing a wealth of experience and an ISO 9001-2015 quality standards based methodology, we share the experience with you and aim to relieve that strain from you and your team by ensuring that a thorough roll out procedure is adopted and adhered to minimise any deviation from anticipated timelines and a smooth and orderly deployment. Whether it is the initial planning and strategy you require or someone to guide you through the process from start to finish we are here to help and partner with you through your journey.

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System Reviews

Before making commitments and moving to a new provider for your website, intranet or portal it is good to seek advice from an experienced and trusted partner on what to look for in the new system you intend to move to and ensure this meets your needs and objectives and avoid any pitfalls. From looking at core functionality through to improving conversions we can take a holistic look at your requirements and make solid recommendations on what would work for your organisation and you customers and how best to solve your business needs.

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Increasing Traffic, Conversions & Engagement

Optimising traffic, conversions and engagement can be a challenging task however handled effectively and based on sound principles will ensure maximum positive impact and therefore real business benefits from your investment in your digital solutions. Our wealth of experience and knowledge in this area will provide the best advise to you on how to tackle each area.

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Security is a complex and multi facetted field requiring deep knowledge of the subject as well as having the right tools and methodologies to fully protect your systems and the valuable information these contain. With ever evolving security, privacy and data protection legislation and guidelines, VerseOne has the deep knowledge, resources and expertise to help you protect your sensitive business data and assist you with meeting regulatory data compliance requirements related to data security, storage and protection. This is of upmost importance to us considering the sectors we operate in and something we treat vigilantly with care and precision to ensure the approach and way in which we handle data is right for your organisation.

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Improving Usability & Design

Designing digital solutions with the end customers in mind is the only way to increase usability ensuring the best customer engagement and therefore exceptional experiences. Our in-house design team with over 15 years of UI and UX design experience and a standards based framework will offer you a tried and tested and best in class advice and services most appropriate to you in order to deliver the right solutions that you and your customers need.

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The right partner | VerseOne delivers success

VerseOne provides more than 250+ successful, innovative and market-leading digital transformation solutions across the UK public sector.

Let us know what you need, and our expert consultants will be able to discuss further case studies, help with business plans and tender requirements, and more…

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