Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is a means of providing service users with safety and privacy. Being a supplier of web content management solutions may bring VerseOne into contact with confidential information.

To ensure that all those working with VerseOne and its products and services can do so with confidence, VerseOne respects confidentiality in the following ways:

Staff within VerseOne treat any information received from service users as confidential and do not communicate that information to third parties without consent.

Information received from service users is regarded as confidential within the organisation. If required, it may only be shared with other staff with respect and discretion. Service users will be made aware of this fact if and when it occurs.

Information received from a service user will not be shared with any other service user.

Information will be recorded in a factual manner, without personal opinion or judgment.

Customers are always entitled to see any records held on them and make written comment on the information.

In allowing customers access to their information, care is taken that no information concerning a third party is revealed.

Any service user who is unhappy with the level of confidentiality is entitled to use the complaints procedure to pursue the matter.

VerseOne complies with all of the requirements of the Data Protection Act.