Enhance your solutions by creating a customer communication channel

Vocoll is our support, collaboration and communication product. It brings efficiency to your customer journey and your teams.

Enable your Customer Support Team to drive greater customer engagement through efficient online engagement. With a customer satisfaction rating of over 60%, Live Support will make your stakeholders happier and your business more successful.

Not only does Live Support deliver better customer service, but you can make real cost savings—handling more calls with the same levels of assistants. And, unlike a phone call, you can even upload documents and screenshots.

  1. Strengthen team collaboration

    Agile and targeted personal and group communication

  2. Increase customer satisfaction

    Enables your customer support teams to drive greater engagement

  3. Streamlined customer service

    Efficient multi chat management

  4. Efficient scaling

    Bolt on services as you need them

  5. Communicate securely

    Encrypted communication keeps things secure

  6. Sector specific intelligence

    Functionality that is tailored to your sector

  7. Personal

    Live support that enhances the customers experience

  8. Self help

    A knowledge base that raises relevant answers to customer queries

Vocoll in focus

Regenda Housing Group's Chris Long outlines how their customer team has enhanced their services.

Find out more about Vocoll

Find out more about Vocoll, VerseOne Group's collaboration and Live Support platform, by visiting the dedicated website at: www.vocoll.com

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