Following a successful website project with VerseOne, Blackwood procured an intranet site to be built on the same installation of VerseOne CMS as the existing website.

The Challenge

Blackwood's intranet requirements included social functionality such as event booking, blogs, forums, and swap shop. Because they are distributed across a number of sites in cities around Scotland, Blackwood also required that the intranet should be accessible from outside of the offices and responsive for all mobile devices.

For users within the Blackwood network, the organisation wanted integration with Active Directory for single sign-on, and for the staff information held in Active Directory to populate a searchable staff directory in the intranet, including contact details, personal bios, and profile images.

The Solution

VerseOne undertook on-site design workshops to arrive at Blackwood’s eventual intranet design, which incorporates a tiled homepage layout directing users to key features and information areas. The homepage also emphasises the social interaction aspects of the site, pulling through upcoming events, news, and blog posts from the chief executive.

Other functionality in the intranet site includes a forum for posting wanted items or items to sell; a “thank you” page where members of staff can post recognitions for their colleagues, and an interactive library of policies and procedures which also displays the document’s lifecycle status.

The benefits

With its own mini-brand and name, “The Loop”, Blackwood’s intranet has received positive feedback from staff members and senior management since going live in November 2015. Blackwood has also distributed content creation and editing for the intranet throughout the organisation, making use of VerseOne CMS’s approval workflows to curate content and ensure staff members have a sense of ownership and responsibility for this important business tool.

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