BHR University Hospitals vision is to provide outstanding healthcare to their community, delivered with PRIDE. 

Working closely with their partner organisations, our 6,500 staff and volunteers care for a diverse community of 750,000 people.

The Challenge

Having a website that isn’t responsive, is difficult to manage and maintain, and limited in terms of functionality can always be a frustration and a hindrance.

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust engaged with VerseOne Healthcare to re-imagine their online offering, and to provide them with an engaging and responsive website solution. 

The Solution

For BHR hospitals, the key element for the project was to create a website that really focused on their service users, delivering the information they required as quickly as possible and on any device. It was also important that the PRIDE values were re-enforced throughout the site.

By conducting stakeholder workshops at the beginning of the project we were able to identify key items of content that were important to the service users, understand and establish measurable KPIs that would be able to identify the true ROI of the project.

By using subtle visual cues, such as the PRIDE smile device through-out the site, along with the corresponding PRIDE colours, we were able to achieve a visual language that the website administrators could use to create interesting, yet diverse landing pages.

The benefits

By using all the flexibility of VerseOne CMS’s dynamic page layout functionality, BHR Hospitals have been able to display a variety of content in an almost infinite number of ways, allowing them to react to feedback from service users if user journeys can be improved.

With extensive roles and privileges settings BHR have been able to confidently disseminate responsibility for content generation throughout the organisation, making sure that experts in a given field are able to suggest the content that should be delivered.

The right partner | VerseOne delivers success

The right partner | VerseOne delivers success

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