User Experience (UX) Optimisation workshop

A UX optimisation workshop involves a series of activities to define or solidify both business and user objectives for your solution. This includes analysing important user journeys within your solution and optimising the flow and amount of steps a user needs to take to complete an action or access information.

Of course, one size doesn't fit all, and each workshop is tailored to the precise needs and objectives you need to address. Our responsibility is to make sure that the time spent in activities or exercises is as productive as possible for participants — clients, stakeholders and other team members —and generates the insights needed to move your project forward.

The objective is to create more efficient user journeys and experiences so that users can achieve their tasks with as little friction as possible.

The results of these sessions are written up into a report and supplied back to you for approval and any amends. This report is then used by us and yourselves as either information to better inform the design and development of a new solution or to optimise and adjust an existing solution. Either way this information can prove vital to ensure the success of your project and the solution meets both the business and user’s needs.

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